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Development Of Engineering Solutions In Order To Achieve Excellence In Design,
Organization And Attendance To The Challenges And Needs Placed.
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we have the quality and values of our professional services for the continuous
development of our knowledge. As a commitment to our profession, we create
sustainable environments that offer a better world for future generations.
Designing solutions
We admire and recognize a job well done our passion is evidenced
in the constant search for creative solutions for our customers.

We are the best solution in this field since 1996.

LZA Engineering, specialized in the development of installation projects, its founders have been operating in the market since 1996, developing projects in the following disciplines: air conditioning, hydraulics, electrical and special infrastructures - "mission critical facilities", having done significant work to clients , not only throughout the national territory, but also in other countries, such as the United States, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Angola and South Africa, standing out, notably, in projects that demand solutions with a high degree reliability and security for the development and continuity of its operations.

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  • Professional skill

    LZA has designed facilities, commissioned works for bold architectural projects, hospitals, datacenters, airports, shopping malls, industrial complexes, business centers, among many others...

  • Experienced team

    We have a team of engineers of high technical level, is able to design and manage the most complex enterprises, Uptime projects and LEED projects.

  • Exceptional services

    Our partnership with several architects, national and international, provides greater integration of technical projects to architectural needs, quickly, consistently and safely.


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Facilities evaluation

LZA Engenharia developed a methodology for surveying and
analyzing the infrastructure, basically comprising the following steps:


Initial surveys and
Issue of the Preliminary Report

This stage includes a meeting with the client, gathering data on the existing facilities, the main technical requirements, project premises and studying the current situation.


Customer comments and
Issuance of the Final Report

The preliminary report is submitted to the analysis and comments of the client, to verify compliance with the survey objectives.


project budget

For correction of facilities with scheduling deadlines for guidance in making short and long-term decisions.


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Our certificates

The US Green Building Council is the Institution recognized worldwide for the certification of sustainable buildings and high energy efficiency, with expressiveness in all stages of the enterprise (design, construction and maintenance) ...

The ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineering, Inc) is recognized worldwide for regulations and standards for ventilation and cooling.

post PMI

The Project Management Institute (PMI) aims to disseminate the best project management practices worldwide. Being recognized worldwide for its efficient way of managing great changes and challenges.




From design to maintenance,
LZA has the most complete portfolio in the market to assist all the steps of your enterprise.


Street Geraldo Flausino Gomes, 78–Cj 33
Brooklin - São Paulo – SP
CEP: 04575-060

lza@lzaengenharia.com.br (11) 3263-0099

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